Residential Program for the treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

* We offer medically monitored drug and alcohol detoxification on-site.

* Evidence- Based addiction treatment.

* Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment.

* Therapies services – individual, group, family, aftercare Planning and dual diagnosis therapy.

Link Top Professionals with Clients

AKT is reputable at staffing for temporary, permanent and direct hiring to a variety of industries.  We fill positions ranging from Physicians and the assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Therapists, Registered Nurses (RN, LPN & CNAs/GNAs), Certified Med Tech (CMT), Medical Assistance (MA), Billing and Coding Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician and Healthcare Administrative Assistant.

Getting started with AKT

Our recruiters will take time to get to know your unique needs and ensure they know your job responsibilities, company culture, and requirements to ensure a successful hire is achieved. We pride ourselves in developing strong relationships with  our clients based on specific employee needs.  We provide superior customer service while making ideal, long lasting placements.

Tell us your immediate staffing need

Our recruiters search for the best  that fit your needs, we currently have qualified staffs in the following areas:

We select and train employees to fit your specification at a reasonable price. We picked after thorough vetting and examinations. We marched our employees skills with the best in the industry before sending them to you.
To us, employees are the most important asset to grow the business.
We keen to provide our clients with the ideal candidate for each and every position at competitive wage in the industry. We want to assist you to source for the best employees in town, provides training for staff retention to grow your business.


GOAL: Our purpose is to help everyone in need of our services, live a better life and enjoy wellness and the feeling of being whole. Here is how we do it.

Health Care

Your wellbeing on a health level is a big part of what makes you feel complete. We focus on whatever illnesses you may have or shortcomings and try our best to improve the situation.

Professional Healthcare Workers

Our staff is composed of amazing people who are qualified to do what they do. We ensure that the people you have to be with every day are as useful to you as possible.

Patient Experience

Your time with us, is supposed to be the best time possible, for you to have. We make sure to never fail our patients by making sure that they are well cared for, by professional personnel.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Every person is unique. There is no such thing as one size fits all policy here. We like to know everyone and what they require and we provide an environment that suits each individual best.

Staff Request